Poltrana Frau Store Launch

Majid al futtaim - Poltrana Frau Store Launch

Task: Our aim was to celebrate the reopening of the Poltrona Frau showroom with a grand evening, uniting VIPs, design professionals, influencers, and luxury enthusiasts, and to reintroduce the brand with a refined positioning, forging an emotional connection with our guests.

What we did: We designed the customer journey to reflect the brand's identity and exclusive, artisanal luxury positioning, creating a truly exquisite experience. Our contributions included production of marketing collaterals, onboarding activations that celebrated the brand's Italian heritage, like an engraver and retro photobooth, and managing catering for a delightful culinary experience. We ensured a seamless guest arrival experience, from RSVP management to valet services and registration. Live entertainment by an Italian singer enhanced the atmosphere, and we captured captivating content to preserve the memorable evening of elegance and luxury, ensuring the brand's strong reentry into the market.